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At Affinis Hospice, we understand the challenges patients and their families face as they prepare for life’s final journey. As patients transition to comfort-focused care, Affinis Hospice offers support with their own personalized team of caregivers who provide guidance and hands-on assistance. The patient’s team consists of their attending physician, a registered nurse, a social worker, a certified member of the clergy, local volunteers, a home health aid and a medical director. The Affinis Hospice team provides its services either at specific hospice centers or at the patient’s home.

Services that are covered include:

  •  Hospice Physician Services.
  •  Skilled Nursing Care.
  •  Home Health Aide/Homemaker Services.
  •  Social Worker Services.
  •  Spiritual Care.
  •  Grief/Bereavement Counseling Services.
  •  Dietary Counseling.
  •  Volunteer Services.
  •  Medical Equipment and Supplies. (Such as a wheelchair or incontinent briefs).
  •  Medications Related to the Hospice Diagnosis.
  •  Medications for Symptom Control and Pain Management.
  •  Supportive Therapy for Symptom Control. (Such as Physical, Occupational & Speech Therapy).
  •  Short-term in-patient Care for Control of Symptoms.
  •  Short-term Respite Care for up to 5-days for the Relief of Care Givers.
  •  24-hour, on-call nursing services and care for short periods in the event of an acute medical crisis or change in condition.
  •  Pre-approved transportation to and from in-patient care units for patients unable to obtain independent transportation.